What Happened?

Hey Guys,

┬áThis message is regarding the recent minecraft win 10 account issue. I’m NOT able to update it because you guys keep requesting the code even tho you won’t get it anyway. this is a bad idea as you won’t receive those code. so if you want the accounts to work than please stop requesting the reset code unnecessary.

If you don’t stop it, than sorry there is no way for me to update the passwords.

Again, stop requesting the password reset code if you want to continue playing..

What now? well, i’m pleased to inform that i’m able to fix the account 1 for now which you can use to play while i work on others. and that also doesn’t mean you should try to change the password and make it not work again. i hope you guys understand.

Also, those youtubers who post video related to my website. please tell your subscribers to do the same.

Thank you.